Ysbryd Ystrad Fflur (The Spirit of Strata Florida)

Philip Huckin, Cyril Jones, David Austin

Gwasg Gwynfil, 2019

The second title in a series of publications, each focusing on a particular magical, spiritual location in Wales and each exploring the area through the senses of an artist, a poet and a writer. In this volume, Philip Huckin, Cyril Jones and David Austin explore the inspirational and evocative surroundings of Strata Florida in Ceredigion.

In Ysbryd Ystrad Fflur, we again see artist, poet and historian coming together to provide a unique interpretation of the history and landscape of Strata Florida and its estate. This is the second in a series of books that combine the expertise of the authors.

The edition was inspired by the importance of Strata Florida to Wales and the Welsh. A mixed-media expression of its atmosphere and influence on our history over the centuries.

Over two years have passed since publishing the first book in the series, Hud Afon Arth, and by now the three know each other well. The evolution of the bond between them is reflected in their work, each an inspiration to the others, adding to the message of Ysbryd Ystrad Fflur by placing it in an historical, visual and literal context.

Following the success of Hud Afon Arth, Phillip, Cyril and David have continued to walk the old paths together, this time discovering the Spirit of Strata Florida. The combination of essays by David, artwork by Phillip and poetry by Cyril strengthens the link between factual and creative to once again create an exceptional book.

Enjoy the experience of dipping in and out of it and join the three authors on their journey through the land and history of Strata Florida.